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Who Buys Scrap Cars In The UK At Good Prices?

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Added by Louie Barker

19 August, 2021

Regardless of make and model, cars are destined to get broken someday. And there is nothing wrong with it. Unless you got on a non-runner, your car still holds a good value. But don’t worry. Even your non-runner or MoT failure vehicles have some buyers⁠— possibly as scrap metal. But who buys scrap cars in the UK at a good price? Let’s find out.  

Reason For Scrapping A Car

Your car may be considered for scrapping for many reasons. But the main reason you cannot help but scrap your car is the repairing cost it would take otherwise. It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is old or relatively new. If the repair cost goes higher than what it’s worth, scrapping is feasible. This way, you get some money while saving on future costly repairs. 

Most of the brand new cars get scrapped if they have been in any high-speed collision. Initially, the repair cost may seem reasonable, but failure costs more than an average car’s worth for some permanent damage like broken wheels and transmission. In scenarios like this, I’d definitely scrap my car for cash. What about you?

How To Find Scrap Car Buyers: Who Buys Scrap Cars Near Me?

If you want to find out who buys cars for scrap metal in the UK, there are certain places to look for. But before you hit them up, let’s see how to locate local scrap car buyers. A reliable scrap vehicle buyer offers the highest price and, of course, saves you from the hassle of disposing of the car all by yourself. Besides, you get complete professional help as you will be given a Certificate Of Destruction (COD) once your vehicle is taken care of in any Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).

Primarily, you can find a reliable salvage car buyer in Five prime spots. They are—

        Classified Websites

The best way you can find a buyer for your junk car is through classified websites. All you have to do is to prepare an ad copy and upload it to the website. And this is what makes it so complex. Without knowing the procedure of running an ad, you cannot sell it to someone who buys cars for scrap metal. Then there are issues of placing your ad at the top to grab buyer’s attention fast. However, classified websites like eBay Motors and Gumtree have thousands of car buyers. But most often, they are more interested in buying functional cars than a non-runner. 

        Local Dealerships 

It may sound weird, but you can find exciting dealerships looking for insurance written-off cars. But they offer unbelievably low prices and are often disappointing. Besides, they have in-house mechanics who rigorously inspect the vehicles, and if they fit the profile, they move to buy. On top, you have to trade in with another car from them, and they preferably do not provide you with cash. So, it is also not a good option to sell your junk car for cash. 

      Scrap Car Buyers

The easiest and best place to sell your scrap car at the highest price in the UK is scrap car companies. Any reliable scrapyard owner who buys scrap cars at reasonable prices should be your ideal destination for selling your salvage car. So, look for a local scrap car buying company who buys cars for scrap metal and has connections with ATFs. A professional scrap car buyer will give you the exact price your car is worth in most cases. Besides, you can get an instant quote simply by describing your vehicle’s condition. As a bonus, they will bear the towing cost. 

      Social Media Groups

Social media is becoming an enormous virtual marketplace for buying or selling anything. For example, Facebook’s marketplace is busy with numerous buyers and sellers exchanging their products and items. Listing items for sale is also easy here, and so, it is worth a try. If you want to sell your junk car online for cash, use social media channels. Besides, you will find tons of social media groups where scrap car buyers pay reasonable prices for damaged cars. 

      Car Enthusiasts 

Possibly, you will get the highest price for your salvage and broken car if you manage to find a car enthusiast. Many TV shows arrange some unique contests, mostly involving car crashes in a controlled environment. Contestants of those events are always looking for old cars. So, if your vehicle is still functioning but not up to the standard, sell it to the “car-heads” who enjoy dismantling it for fun and learning projects. 

How To Sell Old Cars Fast?

Any junk car owner thinking about vacating the parking space in a day or two should contact local car scrapping services. As they offer online quotations, you know how much you will get in the first place. Besides, any professional scrap car buyer will collect the car without any collection charge. So, you save more on selling your junk car for cash. However, to get rid of your broken car fast, do not forget to do the following:

       Contact A Local Buyer

Find out who buys junk cars near me first. There should be local buyers available with Authorised Treatment Facilities. Contact the best and most reliable scrap car buyer to get started with it. 

      Describe Your Car’s Exact Condition

Once made contact, describe the present condition of your vehicle. If it’s been in an accident and badly damaged, do not hide it. The more precisely you will describe your car, the better it is for you, as hiding any damage may cause a dispute at the time of collection

       Get A Quote 

Once you describe your car, it’s time to ask for a quotation. Compare quotes from the leading car scrapping agencies. Review the offer and select the one that suits your profile the best.  

      Set Up A Collection Date

After you agree on a price, set up a collection date and see your pain get melted into smiles. A professional car scrapping company near you will arrive at the exact time and take your car away at no additional cost. You will get paid in full and get a COD after a certain period.  

Final Words

Finding out who buys scrap cars in the UK at the highest price is quite challenging. As you will find tons of enthusiasts asking for the price but not digging deep, selling an old car fast is difficult. So, to stay away from such troubles, it is better to find a local scrap car buyer. Not only does the best junk vehicle buyer pay the highest price, but you also get rid of the hassle without any additional costs.

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