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A broken car can be a burden to you, but not to us. While it consumes a significant space in your garage, you get nothing from it except for helping insects make it a good shelter. Well, it’s okay if you are okay with that. But, if you are not in the mood or need some instant cash to buy another brand new car for your daily commutes, we can help

Our scrap car collection service includes a range of locations across the UK. Be it in Birmingham, Coventry, or any of our listed sites; we will buy your salvage car without any collection charge. Sell your MoT failed or utterly damaged car at the best deals in moments. We are the leading salvage car buying company in Birmingham and the neighbourhoods. Give us a call, share your details, negotiate a quote and sell your salvage car in moments with cash delivered to your pocket.  

Scrapping a car by yourself invites hassles unknown. Once your car gets a salvage title, it’s as good as a dead horse. Either you bury it or leave it for the worms only to spread the stink making you nauseous. The same goes for your damaged car, which is beyond repair. 

Keeping it will bring troubles unwanted along with reminding you of the awful memory it possesses. So, the quicker you take care of it, the better value it adds to your life. If you have such a vehicle with no apparent value, let us help you today. 

Sell your unwanted salvage car to us and get a reasonable price today. Our scrap car collection service in Birmingham collects your vehicles without any collection charge, leaving you with the amount settled in the first place. Get in touch today to identify your car’s worth immediately.


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