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Frequently Asked Questions

/01How do I scrap a car?

Scrapping a car by yourself might bring unwanted hassles as you have to go through specific procedures to scrap your car. To help you stay out of this paperwork and other issues, we can scrap your car on your behalf and give you a fair price for it. Besides, we’ll provide you with necessary documents to prove your vehicle is taken care of legally, and you are not to be held responsible for any future occurrences.

/02How will I be paid?

We will make the payment instantly once we have a deal on your salvage car. With The modern-day mobile banking system, you can verify the payment even before we take your damaged car and leave the premises. 

/03Do you charge for vehicle collection?

No, we do not charge for vehicle collection, and you get the exact amount you signed up for. We will collect the car by ourselves and pay for it accordingly. So, basically, you do not have to carry the collection cost by any means.

/04What if my car’s not in good condition?

As a salvage car buyer, we don’t expect your car to be in good condition. Regardless of the brand and age, we will buy it directly from you at a fair price.


/05Are Collections Free?

We do not charge extra for collecting your salvage cars. It will always be the same as mentioned in the quote, and if we find no altercations, you will get the exact amount we have settled for your damaged vehicle. 

/06Can I Change The Date Of My Collection?

If you want to change the collection date, please notify us earlier. We will come to your place accordingly and collect your damaged car. 


/07Are Your Prices Guaranteed?

We provide a fair price for your damaged salvage car. To get a guaranteed price, please tell us as much detail as possible about your damaged vehicle. We’ll give you a quote, and if everything goes right as per your given information, we will collect the car at the price we have settled for.

/08What Documents Do I Need?

It would be best to show your vehicle logbook (V5C) to prove your vehicle ownership. Without this, you can’t sell your salvage car to anyone. Besides, it prevents any unauthorised sales of your vehicle. Once we recycle your vehicle, we will give you a CoD (certificate of destruction) certificate to ensure that your car has been taken care of legally.

/09Do You Buy Alloy Wheels?

Alloy wheels are expensive, and in most cases, vehicle owners tend to keep them for future use. However, if you are willing to sell your alloy wheels with the scrapped vehicle, yes, we will buy the wheels and give you a fair price.

/10How soon will you take my car away?

We usually take your salvage car away within 24/48 hours. But it may vary depending on some obvious reasons. We always try to free up your garage space within the quickest time possible, and except for any unforeseen events, we take your damaged car away in 48 hours. 

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