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4 Effective Ways On How To Scrap Your Car

When a car reaches the point of no return, the majority of people go ahead and call a junkyard. This is because they think that they have no option other than to sell their car as junk. 

However, this is not true as you can sell your car for scrap and earn a decent amount of money. In this guide, we will discuss the effective ways on how to scrap your car.

Every year, there are hundreds of cars that get written off as MOT failures in the UK. These cars are usually written off as unworthy when they become too damaged to drive on the road. In cases like these, the cars are often scrapped for cash.

There are a few car scrapping options available to the people of the UK. Every car owner has a different brand or model and is present at a different phase and place in life. 

Read this guide on 10 Reasons Why You Should Scrap Your Car. It is important to understand the scrapping options carefully before deciding to scrap your car

Effective Ways to Scrap Your Car!

1. Sell the car for parts:

Even though a car is considered unworthy of the road, there are always a few parts that you can sell separately. There are several car parts that are in demand in the market. 

But not many people can afford to buy these brand new parts. In that case, your sold parts will have a reasonable price in the market. This is the reason we are talking about how to scrap your car. 

So, if you are thinking, “Can I scrap my car?”, then yes, you can. It can take a lot of time and work, but the extra cash might be worth the wait.

2. Keep the car as your own parts car:

Not many people buy the exact same car after their first one gets written off. Before you get rid of a scrap car UK, check for the parts in your new car that might require replacement. 

If you find any parts that have to be replaced, then source those parts from the scrap car. This will save you from the cost of buying new parts and will also ensure that you install original parts.

3. Car donation:

Car donation is probably the most common option on this list. This method has quite a few benefits. You will have to donate the car to a charity. 

The charity will sell the car and use the cash received in their charity. We all know that charities are non-profit, which means that any amount of money they get will be helpful for you.

Another advantage of donating your car is the tax deduction. As a scrap car is of no use to you, any amount of tax deduction will be extremely helpful for you. 

You can donate the car even if you cannot run the car. The car will still have some value, whether it is the parts or metal body of the car.

You can also take part in a remove my car auction and then donate the money to a charity or organisation. 

4. Scrap the car for cash:

Even if you cannot sell the parts of your car or do not want to donate them, then it is okay. You can sell the car to a scrapyard for a couple of hundred pounds. You will receive cash from the scrapyard for your car. They will then pick out the parts of the car and scrap the car for metal. 

Advantages of scrapping your car:

  • Prevent the hassle of selling the parts

You already know that your car is not worth driving, so you will have to accept that you will get a low value for it. You might be able to get a few hundred pounds, but you will not get anything near the cost of your car. This amount of money is not worth the trouble of dealing with the public to sell the car.

  • The scrap companies will pick the car up

When you decide to sell the car to a scrapyard, the majority of the scrap companies will come to your location. They will pick up the scrap car UK as part of the scrapping service without any extra charge. Some scrapping companies will pay you if you deliver your car to the scrapyard.

  • Instant payment

Once the scrapping company arrives at your location, they will inspect the car. After completing the inspection, the company will pay you the money on the spot.

How To Scrap Your Car?

Scrapping a car is not a difficult process. The steps of scrapping a car are:

  • Contact the scrapping companies available in your area and make sure that they are certified scrappers.
  • Compare the pricing given by the companies and agree to the offer that suits you the best.
  • Schedule a pickup and provide proper information about your address, contact details, and the scrap car UK.
  • Transfer the paperwork of the car.
  • Accept the payment in exchange for the car and let the scrapping company do its work.


The four effective ways we have mentioned in the guide above how to scrap your car are some of the best methods for scrapping your car. While some of these come with a few hassles, the majority of these are quick solutions. Contact We Buy Any Salvage Cars if you are considering scrapping your vehicle.

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