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How Much Is My Car Worth Scrap – Guide

how much is my car worth scrap

Added by Louie Barker

3 August, 2021

 If you have decided to sell your car for scrap, then you must be wondering how much is my car worth scrap. There is no doubt that we want the highest price we can get for scrapping a car, but there are several factors that affect the scrap value of your car.

The factors that determine the scrap value of your car are:

1. Year, Built, and Model of the Car:

The first factor that determines how much is my car worth scrap is the type of car. The built, model, and year of the scrapping car helps to determine the current scrap value of your car and its parts. There is a high chance that you will not get the exact price as the current market value.

The pricing for junk cars is  different from working cars. If your car has problems that prevent the car from running, then you will get a much lesser price. Junk cars are usually worth up to 20 to 40 per cent of the current market value.

The scrap value of your car will be higher if it is in working condition and the parts are in demand. For example, a common car is worth more than a fancy car as there is a demand for the parts.

2. Current Market Value of Scrap Metals:

The price of scrap metals is something that the majority of car owners do not think about. But this is actually a very important factor to consider when you go to sell your car for scrap. Even the cars that are junk can be made into scrap metal.

An average car has approximately 2,400 pounds of steel and 300 pounds of aluminium. And these metals can be sold and recycled to manufacture new products. However, there is a catch in how much money you will get for all that metal.

The price of scrap metal changes almost every day and widely varies from year to year. This change occurs because the price depends on the supply and demand of these metals in the market. Price will be low if the supply is high, but the demand is low.

3. Condition of the Car:

The condition of the car will determine what the buyer can do with it, and the price will be calculated accordingly. You will get a higher price for selling your car to scrap if the car has only a few problems that prevent it from running smoothly. If the car needs heavy repairs, then the buyer will not pay much money for it.

However, if the car is not in the condition of running on the road again, then the car will be bought for its parts and metal. The price you will get for the parts and metal will depend on the condition of the parts and the metal. 

4. The demand of the Car Parts:

Even if your car is not worth the repair, there are parts of the car that are still valuable. Every part of the car, from batteries to the tires to the radio, can be removed and recycled. You will get a value for the parts of your car depending on the demand for these parts.

The demand for car parts is usually high for common cars that need frequent repairs. You will also get a high price if your car has parts that are not easily available in the market. The scrap value of your car will be less if the car parts are not resold often.

Certain car parts, such as suspension parts, exterior lights, and tires, get a higher value than the others. The scrap value will decrease if your car has missing parts.

5. Location of the Car:

The location of the car might not seem like that big of a deal, but it has a significant effect on the scrap value of your car. The location of your car helps buyers to determine the value you get for selling your car to scrap.

The value of scrap metal widely varies from region to region. The popularity of your car in that area will determine the demand and the market value of the car parts. The distance of the scrapyard from the location of the car also plays a major role in the scrap value of your car.

The scrap value will be less if the buyer has to pay extra for transporting the car. If you do not live near a scrap yard and the car does not run, then try contacting car scrapping services that offer free car towing.

Now that we know the factors that affect how much is my car worth scrap, let us know the easiest way to scrap your car today.

Final Words 

At We Buy Any Salvage Car, we buy any cars that you no longer want or need. Call or contact us to get an instant quote on the scrapping value of your car. Once you accept our offer, a team will contact you and fix a time and date to inspect and verify the condition of the car. Our team will then collect all the necessary documents and the car keys, and you will receive instant payment via check or bank transfer. 

Remember, do not go for any unauthorised or uncertified scrapping service in order to sell your car for scrap. Make sure that the car scrapping service is licensed and authorised to scrap a car before finalising a deal. 

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