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How Can I Make Money From Scrapping My Car?

scrapping my car

Added by Louie Barker

29 June, 2021

It doesn’t seem like you can get attached to your vehicles until something happens to them and they’re no longer safe for the road. They’ve helped you reach destinations for years, and now, it’s too old and risky. 

You can try and repair it, but think about it: the vehicle is old, and the process might get costlier with each service. 

You can also try selling it, but it’s doubtful that someone will buy a worn-out car and pay a reasonable sum of money for it. 

So, what to do?

But there is a way of getting some cash for junk cars— i.e. selling it to a car salvage company. It might yield you a much greater benefit than sitting around, waiting for someone to buy your old car. While selling your car to a scrap car service sounds a little tempting, there are a few hidden ways you can earn more money for yourself than you would if you were to sell the car as a whole to them. 

On the other hand, if you choose to scrap your car yourself, you need to have a good sense of what and where to sell the different parts of the vehicle and to whom. Having the right tools and some external knowledge about automotive parts is an added advantage! 

We’ve noticed how some car owners aren’t fully aware of certain ways in which they can get more funds for their broken car. That’s why we’ve gathered some easy tips for you! 

First, Learn What Made Your Car Unfit For Road

Knowing what caused your car to break down and go into retirement will give you a better knowledge of which parts you might be able to sell. This involves the works of a mechanic who can take a long hard look at the vehicle and declare it irreparable.

If they point out that a specific part of the vehicle has caused irreversible damage, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to sell it for a price. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to sell the other parts. 

Second, Try & Sell Everything That Powers Your Car

This step is more like removing the power supply off your PC before you upgrade. It’s the same with your vehicle: you need to clear the power source before selling the other parts. This includes the battery and fuel in your car.

The battery location is pretty easy to find, and it’s even easier to remove and sell it online.  

If the battery is still active and running well, you can advertise to sell it on sites like eBay, Preloved, Amazon, and Gumtree, among others. People will be more interested in buying your active vehicle battery as dead batteries seem to be a typical scenario, and you never know who might need a replacement for their vehicles. 

Even if it’s a dead battery, there are car dealers out there who are more than willing to buy it for recycling. 

We wouldn’t suggest leaving the fuel behind since it has the potential to cause severe damage. As it can be messy and dangerous, it’s much better to drain out your fuel tank.

If you had the misfortune of watching your car die out with a full tank of diesel or petrol, it’s okay to feel sad about it, considering that fuel does not come cheap. All you need to do is store it away and use it in another one of your vehicles. Even though the fuel is hard to sell, you can try selling it to your neighbours or someone you know if you don’t own a vehicle where the fuel might come in handy.

Third, Remove The Supporting Pieces and Sell Them

Ideally, if you don’t want to feel bad about underselling some of these vehicle parts, you should research and look for similar items and how much they are being sold online. You can try auctioning them if you’re seeking to sell them for a higher price, but the chances of being sold are not as certain if you were to sell them as a “buy it now” option. Sites like Gumtree and eBay are buyer’s most visited sites so that you can try advertising there. A lot of people have recently started using Facebook’s marketplace to sell as well. 

Consider Every Parts

After removing the power source and emptying your fuel tank, you can start looking at the parts you can sell and strip them off the vehicle. 

Some of the most manageable parts of a vehicle to sell are the tyres, the stereo or radio system, seat covers, steering wheels, etc. 

But first of all, you need to check whether your tyres are fit enough to be sold. If they turn out to be a tyre with an unusual size or a type that’s difficult to find, you might be able to put a much better price tag on it than the usual. 

Having an utterly worn-out tyre isn’t bad either if you manage to sell them to a tyre dealership. You can also offer to sell the tyres to various crafts shops to be recycled and turned into a product! 

A decent sound system for a vehicle is worth a lot, so if you have one, you might be able to sell it for a fairly reasonable price. Even if it’s used and old, you can try and put it up for sale- someone might end up buying it. 

Lastly, remove additional items like your seat covers, windshield wipers and gear stick, as well as other things like seat covers and steering wheel. You might be able to sell them at a higher price if they’re in good shape.

In The End, Strip Your Vehicle Bare

In addition to selling all the other easily removable parts, it’s time to take everything off the car. Make sure to take care of new and undamaged doors, especially if they haven’t suffered from rust and are in good condition. You’d be surprised to know the number of people who get their car doors or boots bumped and scratched in an accident. Even if they’re not in excellent condition, you might be able to get a price for them. 

Having a running engine is fortunate for you because they tend to sell fast quickly. However, the shipping costs might be slightly higher because of its weight, so make sure to look around for anyone who put out an ad looking for your engine type in the local area. The chances are that they might come themselves to collect it. 

Some Final Words

Now that you know which parts you should sell and where to take your time to capture good photos. Make sure to take pictures from different angles so that your buyers understand the whole deal. When they notice the items clearly, and a description with accurate details— they’re more likely to pay for it if satisfied with the condition. 

Always make sure to consult a mechanic or research online when putting your car’s parts up for sale. It’s necessary that you don’t sell any damaged car parts to buyers, or else you might get into some legal problems. 

Hopefully, this blog helped you decide which parts to sell! For more automotive guides and how-to articles & blogs, visit us!

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