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4 Effective Ways On How To Scrap Your Car

When a car reaches the point of no return, the majority of people go ahead and call a junkyard. This is because they think that they have no option other than to sell their car as junk. 

However, this is not true as you can sell your car for scrap and earn a decent amount of money. In this guide, we will discuss the effective ways on how to scrap your car.

Every year, there are hundreds of cars that get written off as MOT failures in the UK. These cars are usually written off as unworthy when they become too damaged to drive on the road. In cases like these, the cars are often scrapped for cash.

There are a few car scrapping options available to the people of the UK. Every car owner has a different brand or model and is present at a different phase and place in life. 

Read this guide on 10 Reasons Why You Should Scrap Your Car. It is important to understand the scrapping options carefully before deciding to scrap your car

Effective Ways to Scrap Your Car!

  • Sell the car for parts:

Even though a car is considered unworthy of the road, there are always a few parts that you can sell separately. There are several car parts that are in demand in the market. 

But not many people can afford to buy these brand new parts. In that case, your sold parts will have a reasonable price in the market. This is the reason we are talking about how to scrap your car. 

So, if you are thinking, “Can I scrap my car?”, then yes, you can. It can take a lot of time and work, but the extra cash might be worth the wait.

  • Keep the car as your own parts car:

Not many people buy the exact same car after their first one gets written off. Before you get rid of a scrap car UK, check for the parts in your new car that might require replacement. 

If you find any parts that have to be replaced, then source those parts from the scrap car. This will save you from the cost of buying new parts and will also ensure that you install original parts.

  • Car donation:

Car donation is probably the most common option on this list. This method has quite a few benefits. You will have to donate the car to a charity. 

The charity will sell the car and use the cash received in their charity. We all know that charities are non-profit, which means that any amount of money they get will be helpful for you.

Another advantage of donating your car is the tax deduction. As a scrap car is of no use to you, any amount of tax deduction will be extremely helpful for you. 

You can donate the car even if you cannot run the car. The car will still have some value, whether it is the parts or metal body of the car.

You can also take part in a remove my car auction and then donate the money to a charity or organisation.

  • Scrap the car for cash:

Even if you cannot sell the parts of your car or do not want to donate them, then it is okay. You can sell the car to a scrapyard for a couple of hundred pounds. You will receive cash from the scrapyard for your car. They will then pick out the parts of the car and scrap the car for metal. 

Advantages of scrapping your car:

  • Prevent the hassle of selling the parts

You already know that your car is not worth driving, so you will have to accept that you will get a low value for it. You might be able to get a few hundred pounds, but you will not get anything near the cost of your car. This amount of money is not worth the trouble of dealing with the public to sell the car.

  • The scrap companies will pick the car up

When you decide to sell the car to a scrapyard, the majority of the scrap companies will come to your location. They will pick up the scrap car UK as part of the scrapping service without any extra charge. Some scrapping companies will pay you if you deliver your car to the scrapyard.

  • Instant payment

Once the scrapping company arrives at your location, they will inspect the car. After completing the inspection, the company will pay you the money on the spot.

How To Scrap Your Car?

Scrapping a car is not a difficult process. The steps of scrapping a car are:

  • Contact the scrapping companies available in your area and make sure that they are certified scrappers.
  • Compare the pricing given by the companies and agree to the offer that suits you the best.
  • Schedule a pickup and provide proper information about your address, contact details, and the scrap car UK.
  • Transfer the paperwork of the car.
  • Accept the payment in exchange for the car and let the scrapping company do its work.


The four effective ways we have mentioned in the guide above how to scrap your car are some of the best methods for scrapping your car. While some of these come with a few hassles, the majority of these are quick solutions. Contact We Buy Any Salvage Cars if you are considering scrapping your vehicle. 

How To Remove Cat N From Car – Is It Possible?

Salvage cars provide a great value for money to people who are mechanically minded. These cars especially provide the best value for money when it comes to cars categorised under Category N. Many people wonder how to remove cat N from cars and whether it is possible or not. In this guide, we will discuss everything about the cat N cars.

What Does Cat N Mean?

Up until October of 2017, category N cars were in the same category as category D. In 2017; there was a change in the classification of salvage car titles. 

This change resulted in category C and D titles transforming into categories S and N. Hence, we are now talking about how to remove cat N from car.

While category S represents cars that undergo structural damage due to accidents and natural disasters, category N represents cars that undergo non-structural damage. Insurance companies write off a car as category N when the repairing costs of the car exceed the worth of the car. 

This means that even though these cars are repairable, the repair will cost a lot of money. However, many people purchase a cat N car and repair it. Learn which is the worst car damage category in this guide!

Now that we have the answer to the question, “What does Cat N mean?” Let us discuss the other details.

Should you repair a Cat N Car?

Let us say you decide to buy a category N car through an insurance agent or auction, but can you repair a cat N car? According to the car laws in the UK, it is okay to drive a Cat N Car after you repair it. 

Insurance companies write off a car as cat N after making sure that repairing this car will cost more money than the value of the car. You can salvage the car if you do not want to go through with the repair. 

Is Repairing A Cat N Car Worth It?

Whether it is worth repairing a cat N car or not depends on the person who purchases it. It is worth it if you have good knowledge about cars and can fix all the problems by identifying them. But the most common advice will be to scrap your Cat N Car

The problem is, even if you repair a cat N car, it will not be worth much. So, if you have plans on selling the car in the future, be ready to encounter a high drop in price. You can consider purchasing a cat N car if it is one of the expensive car models available in the market.

If you plan on driving the car yourself, you must always get an independent car background check done before purchasing. The background check will let you know whether the car is stolen or has any sort of payable financial deals from the previous owners. 

You can also find out whether the car has been repaired before or not. If yes, then you can find out information about the repair, the repairer, and the cost of repair. These factors will majorly impact the decision of whether it is worth repairing and purchasing the car or not. 

Most people think repairing is the answer to how to remove cat N from car. But once your car classifies as Cat N, it will be there until you scrap it using a car scrapping company

Is It Possible To Get Insurance On A Cat N Car?

In simple words, yes, it is possible to get insurance on a category N car. But the truth is, getting a cat N car insurance will definitely cost more than a new car as premiums are higher. That is why the majority of insurance companies straight up refuse to insure a cat N car.

However, it is not impossible to get a category N car insured if you are ready to bear the high premiums. Do not forget to inform your insurance agent that the car you want to get insured is categorised as category N; otherwise, it can invalidate your insurance policy.

Does Category N Affect Insurance?

A common question we get is, “Does Cat N affect insurance?”. Yes, cat N cars do affect insurance. As we discussed in the section above, you will notice that the premiums of a category N car insurance compared to a new vehicle. This is because insurers see written-off cars as a risk; thus, they charge a high premium to offset the risk of the car.

However, it is not a fixed rule, as you might find a few companies that offer insurance at a reasonable premium rate for category N cars. Before insuring a cat N car, it is a better idea to look around insurance companies near you and check the premium rates.

What Happens If Your Own Car Gets Written-Off As Category N?

Although you can purchase a few category N cars, it is also possible to have your own car written off as category N after an accident. The insurance company will seize your car if they decide that your car is not worth being repaired after an accident. They will pay you an amount as compensation after seizing your car.

The insurance company will then sell your car or just scrap your car in order to recover some of the loss. But if you are ready to pay for the repair of your car, then you can ask the insurance agent to sell your car back to you.

Keep in mind that you can buy back category S and N cars from your insurance agent. The cars written off under categories A and B are not salvageable and will not be sold to anyone under any circumstances. 

Does A Category N Car Need A New Ministry Of Transport Certificate?

Although it is not a bad idea to have a Ministry Of Transport (MOT) certificate, it is not required. According to the DVLA , a category N car does not require a certificate from the MOT in order to be back on the road. This is because, in the majority of cases, category N cars do not become completely unworthy of the road. 

The main condition of a category N car is that the repairing cost must outweigh the value of the car. This means that generally old cars can get written-off under category N due to something as simple as minor damage. 

You definitely do not want to pay for a full new Ministry Of Transport test and certificate if the damage to the car is nothing more than a scratch. This is the reason why the DVLA and the UK law does not make it mandatory for category N cars. 

Even though it is not necessary to get an MOT certificate, it is never a bad idea to get an inspection done if your car suffered more damage than slight cosmetic damage. It is better to get this test done if your car experiences an engine, mechanical, or electrical failure.

It is completely fine if you do not wish to get a full MOT test done, but the least you can do is get an independent inspection done. This will help you to repair the car fully before putting it back on the road.

How To Remove Cat N From Car?

People who decide to purchase a cat N car often wonder how to remove cat N from car, so let us answer that for you. It is impossible to remove cat N classification from a car according to the law. Removing this classification is completely illegal.

Once a car gets written off under car damage category N, this classification is permanent for life. Although this might sound irritating to the buyer , it makes complete sense if you think about it. Nobody wants to purchase a car without knowing whether it was written off at some point or not. 

Can I Purchase A Cat N Car Back From My Insurance Company?

As we mentioned above, the insurance company usually keeps the car when it is written off under any of the damage categories. Out of categories A, B, S, and N, only category S and N cars can be sold to others. Category A and B cannot be sold to anyone, no matter what the price.

Insurance agents sell these category S and N cars through auctions. So, if you think that you can bear the repairing costs of the category N cars, then you can talk to the insurance company to sell the car back to you. Make the necessary repairs on the car before putting it back on the road. 

People with Category A and B cars scrap their vehicles for compensation as it’s not possible to sell their car. 

Should You Buy A Cat N Car?

Whether you should buy a category N car depends on the car and your intention of purchasing it. Generally speaking, the cars categorised under category N are some of the best salvage cars you can purchase. The cars categorised under other categories usually suffer a lot of damage due to an accident or natural disaster.

However, the amount of damage that the category N cars suffer varies a lot, mainly due to the conditions of this category. These cars either have noticeable mechanical, engine and electrical issues or have something as small and simple as a scratch. You can buy a category N car after considering all the necessary factors of the situation.

What Do You Need To Prove That You Have Carried Out The Necessary Repairs?

When an insurance agent or company writes off a vehicle, a mechanic will provide a detailed report on the damage of the car. As the owner of the car, you will also receive a copy of that report. Hold on to that report and make the necessary repairs in order to return the car back to the road.

Why Can We Not Buy The Cars Categorised Under Other Categories?

Cars that are written off under categories A and B are usually the ones that are damaged beyond repair. These cars go through scrapping as soon as they are written off. Category B cars usually have a few recoverable parts that the scrappers recover before scrapping the rest of the car. These parts are usually sold to others as extra parts.

Cars categorised under category S are the ones that undergo structural damage to a certain extent. The repairing cost of these cars costs way more compared to the worth of the car during the time of the accident. 

The chance of category S cars being roadworthy even after repair is low. Hence, contacting salvage car companies to scrap category S cars is a wise decision. 


No matter who we ask about how to remove cat N from car, the answer will always be the same. Once a car gets written off as category N or any other category, it sticks to the car throughout its entire life.

Contact We Buy Any Salvage Cars if you are considering scrapping your Category N vehicle. 

Guide On Selling A Vehicle To Someone Outside the UK

Many people often prefer to sell their old car over scrapping a vehicle in the UK. People generally use this money to upgrade their car or use the money on something important. When it comes to selling your car, there are two main options. First, sell the vehicle to someone inside the UK, and second, sell the car to someone outside the UK.

We Buy Any Salvage Car works with salvage cars all over the UK. In this guide, our expert team will tell you the process of selling a vehicle to someone outside the UK. 

According to the law of the UK, you can either file for temporary export or permanent export of the vehicle. Temporary export means that the car will be outside the UK for less than 12 months. At the same time, the permanent export means that the car will be outside the UK for more than 12 months. 

When it comes to selling a vehicle outside the UK, we must file a permanent export. This is because when we sell a vehicle to someone, we definitely do not sell it for less than 12 months. 

How to export a car from UK? 

First, you must inform the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) that you will be taking the car overseas for more than 12 months. To file a permanent export, you will have to:

  • Fill up the permanent export section on your vehicle’s log book (VC5) and detach that section from the logbook.
  • Now, send the permanent export section to the DVLA once completed. Add a letter stating the reason why you want to export vehicle from UK. If you are moving abroad with your car, state your new address if you want a vehicle tax refund. You will get a vehicle tax refund only if you are entitled to it.
  • Keep the vehicle’s logbook with you if you are moving overseas, as you will have to register the car there.

Selling the cars will get you a better amount of money than you would receive for writing your car off under salvage cars. If someone chooses to sell a car to someone living overseas rather than scrapping a vehicle, they must follow the proper procedure.

We get a common question about what to do with the VC5 when selling the car to someone outside the UK. If you are selling the vehicle to export it outside the UK, make sure that both you and the buyer follow the correct process. This is important as the buyer will have to register the car in their country. The seller must provide the buyer with the complete vehicle logbook and not only the keeper slip.

What to do if you are moving abroad with your car for less than 12 months?

Many people ask what they should do if they want to export vehicle from UK while moving outside the UK. You can temporarily export your car outside the UK if you are moving for less than 12 months. In this case, you must take the logbook of your vehicle along with your vehicle.

You may have to show the vehicle logbook at the ports or while driving abroad. Your vehicle logbook must contain the information of your most recent address inside the UK. The UK laws will still apply to a vehicle registered inside the UK if you take it abroad for less than 12 months.

Vehicle Tax Rules For The Buyers

If you purchase a new or second-hand vehicle from the UK, you may not have to pay the UK VAT or registration fee. However, the amount you pay and how you pay it to export a vehicle from the UK depends on its shipping location.

When you purchase a new vehicle from the UK and export it under the Personal Export Scheme, you do not have to the UK VAT. But you will have to pay the taxes concerning the vehicle and the registration fee of the vehicle. This is something you need to keep in mind when selling a vehicle to someone outside the UK.  

What You Have To Do To Pay The Vehicle Taxes

As we mentioned above, you will have to pay vehicle taxes to export vehicles from the UK. To pay the vehicle taxes, you will have to appropriately fill up the VAT 410 form and give it to your supplier. The supplier will provide you with a copy of the document.

You have permission to drive the vehicle inside the UK for up to 6 months since the vehicle delivery date. Non-UK and Non-EU residents can drive the car inside the UK for 12 months after the delivery date. The vehicle must be exported out of the UK once the permitted period is over.

The vehicle export date will be clearly mentioned on the VX302 or the VAT 410. The VX302 is for the new cars while the VAT 410 is for second-hand cars. After exporting the vehicle, send VX302 or the VC5 to the DVLA. If you fail to export vehicle from UK on time, then you must pay the UK VAT. 


Now that we know the procedure of selling a vehicle to someone outside the UK, we can say that it is not complicated at all. Selling the vehicle is an excellent option for people who do not fancy the idea of scrapping a vehicle. For more queries, visit We Buy Any Salvage Cars

Car Damage Categories UK: Which Is The Worst?

There are often instances when a car gets damaged due to natural causes or accidents. Car insurance companies check the damaged car to determine whether it is roadworthy or not. If the insurance company determines that the car is not repairable, it is deemed as a ‘write-off’ according to car damage categories UK.

Insurance companies also deem a car as a ‘write-off’ when the repairing costs become more costly than the car’s worth. There are several car damage categories under which a car insurance write-off takes place. In this article, we will thoroughly explain the car damage categories. 

What Is A Car Insurance Write-Off?

A car insurance write-off basically takes place when a car sustains too much damage. A serious crash or natural disasters usually causes this level of damage to a car. 

Beyond economical repair means that the repairing costs of that car will cost more than the economic worth of it. Insurance companies consider the resale value of the car, repairing costs, etc., before writing off a car as beyond economical repair.

If the repairing cost equals up to 50-60% of the car’s market value, it is deemed as beyond economical repair. However, this percentage varies from one car insurance company to the other, depending on the company policy. 

An insurance agent or engineer checks the car either in person or from photos and reports provided by the mechanic. While conducting the inspection, the agent of the engineer follows the strict criteria of claims. They decide the category N damage. 

Car Damage Categories UK

Whether your car will end up being written-off or not depends on the amount of damage it endured. After careful and considerate changes, insurance companies introduced four vehicle damage categories. These damage categories will let you know how much damage your car has suffered.

The damaged vehicle will fall under one of the four car damage categories. That category helps the car insurance company to determine whether your car will be written-off or get repaired. Let us look at the vehicle category list and their explanations.

1. Car Damage Category A

Car damage category A is the most severe out of the four car damage categories UK. Cars that fall into this category are so damaged that the entire car, including all its parts, must undergo scrapping. These cars are unrepairable to the extreme point. Vehicles under category A must never re-appear on the roads.

2. Car Damage Category B

Vehicles listed under category B suffered extensive damage and were written off as unusable or wasteful. But there are still a few salvageable parts of these vehicles available. In the case of the vehicles in category B, car scrappers crush the body shell of the car as it is unrepairable and not roadworthy.

However, the car scrappers salvage the undamaged or reclaimed parts for reselling or use in roadworthy and repairable cars. Like cars in category A, category B cars must also never be back on the roads. Only the salvageable parts may go forward to help the roadworthy vehicles in need. 

3. Car Damage Category S

Category S, formerly known as salvage category C, is a new category and refers to cars that undergo structural damage. Examples of structural damages in cars often include twisted or bent chassis or a completely destroyed crumple zone. In the majority of cars listed under category S damage, the damage suffered by the car is more than cosmetic.

As a result of category S car damage, the insurance companies often decide against performing the car repairs by themselves. In cases like these, a specialist carries out the repairs to such a standard where the car is roadworthy. Until then, the insurance company deems the car as unsafe and not roadworthy. 

4. Car Damage Category N

The category N damage is the least severe category out of the four car damage categories UK. Cars listed under this category do not sustain any sort of structural damage. This means that the car insurance write-offs usually take place for cosmetic or electric issues. 

These cars are unsafe and not roadworthy until all the necessary repairs and inspections take place. Non-structural car damage usually indicates faults in the steering, brakes, or other parts of the car-related to safety. 

Why Did Car Damage Categories C And D Change?

The insurance companies initially used vehicle damage categories A, B, C, and D to determine a write-off. In 2017, the car damage categories S and N replaced the categories C and D, but categories A and B remained unchanged. Let us take a look at the categories C (now S) and D (now N).

Car Damage Category C

The vehicle categorised under the salvage category C can legally return to the road after completing the necessary repairs. But in most cases, the cost of repairs ended up being too costly. The car owner had to take the responsibility and bear the costs as repairing costed more than the car’s worth.

Car Damage Category D

When a car gets written-off under any vehicle damage categories, it is not allowed to be back on the roads. In the UK, if you want to put a car back on the roads, you have to re-register it with the DVLA. Cars listed under category D suffered the least damage and could return to the road without re-registering with the DVLA.

The repair costs of these vehicles were significantly cheaper than the cost of repairing cars under salvage category C. But the other additional costs did not make the car worthwhile any longer. Before changing categories C and D to S and N, the insurance companies used to estimate the cost of repairs for these damaged cars.

This significant change took place as some insurance companies were quick to write off a car to be crushed. These decisions by the insurance companies caused several repairable and drivable cars to undergo scrapping prematurely. The introduction of these new categories aims to decrease the number of cars going through premature scrapping.

How Much Money Will I Get If My Car Is Written-Off?

The amount of settlement money you will receive after your car is written off depends on the car’s worth before the damage. How much the car written off under car damage categories UK is worth will be determined by the car insurance company. You can easily replace your car with a similar one in your area with the money you will receive as insurance pay-out. 

But keep in mind that you will most probably not get the exact amount you paid for it.

Can I Buy A Car That Has Been Written-Off?

Yes, legally, you can purchase a written-off car, but you can only purchase cars listed under categories S and N. Vehicles listed under categories A and B of the car damage categories UK are not up for sale. The cars in category A undergo complete scrapping while the category B cars undergo scrapping except for the salvageable parts.

The opportunity of purchasing a category n damage car is quite tempting due to the attention-grabbing prices. Even though these prices look super tempting, it is essential to do proper research on the history of the car. Look at the top tips that you must know before moving forward to purchase a written-off car.

1. Buy the written-off car from a trusted and registered dealer

If you buy a car categorised under category n damage from a registered dealer, then you will receive more consumer rights. A car dealer has to declare everything they know about a car before selling it. On the other hand,  private sellers only have to ensure that the car looks exactly as described. 

2. Ask several questions

Before purchasing a car that has been written off, make sure to ask a lot of questions to the dealer. The most common questions you must ask are:

  • How much damage did the car suffer, and what caused this damage?
  • Do you have any photos of the damage?
  • Where did the repairs take place, and how much did repairing cost?
  • Which parts of the car underwent replacement during repairing?

The insurance companies do not have to mention information about how the car ended up as a write-off. Check the vehicle category list the car falls. But if you ask the right questions about the car to the dealer, you can know what actually happened. 

3. Get an inspection done on the car

If the car attracted you due to its low, attention-grabbing price, it is better to get the car inspected properly. Even though car inspection typically costs £200, it is worth the investment if you are interested in the car. A car inspector has the experience and knows exactly what to check and can find damage that we normally miss. Getting your car inspected can easily save you from purchasing a potentially unsafe car.

4. Get a history check done

There are various things to worry about when buying a second-hand car other than accident damage. Getting a history check done on the car will let you know whether it is a stolen car or not. It will also let you know whether the car has any sort of outstanding finance or not.

5. Be aware of the newer cars that offer a high amount of savings

The old saying, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is”, undoubtedly applies in this sort of situation. If dealers offer a newer car at an extremely low price, it could be a sign that something is wrong. 

The most common reason why cars with category n damage become available at a low price is that the repair work is done on a budget.  Thus it is not being satisfactory

6. Avoid vehicles with a damaged chassis

You can purchase a car that underwent body damage as it is easy to fix the body damage of a car. But a car with a damaged chassis usually keeps on causing problems even after it is repaired. 

It is better to check which car damage categories UK it falls on. You must be extremely careful about purchasing a car if you know that it suffered damage in the chassis area.

If you have finally made up your mind on buying a category N write-off car, then there are only two things left to consider. These are:

  • Inform your insurance company about the write-off car:

Make sure that you inform your insurance company that the car you are buying is categorised under category N . In the majority of the cases, the insurance company has to mention it in your policy. If it is not mentioned, then are chances where the insurance company can turn down your claims in the future.

  • Investigate the warranty policy carefully:

There are some used warranty suppliers that provide covers for vehicles categorised under car damage category N. Investing in the warranty can be a very cost-effective way of providing yourself with some sort of peace of mind. It will undoubtedly help you with your newly purchased car and any repairs that have been done. 

Final Words:

Now that you know everything about the car damage categories UK, you can now easily assess the salvage categories for written-off cars. Explanation of the car damage categories will give you a better understanding of the level of damage a car suffered before being written off. If you ask about my personal preference, I will say that category A is the worst among all the vehicle damage categories. In category A, the car becomes completely unsalvageable and undergoes scrapping. Repairing is completely out of the question, and there are no salvageable parts as well. In such cases, contact We Buy Any Salvage Car to scrap your car.

How Do I Notify DVLA Of Scrapping My Car?

For any vehicle that has been written off, you should notify DVLA immediately. But how do I notify DVLA of scrapping my car? In this guide, you will get your answers along with a detailed discussion on the steps. 

But first, let’s get answers to some commonly asked questions.

Why Should I Notify DVLA Of Scrapping My Car?

If you sell your car to any vehicle salvage company, you should notify DVLA about this. Even though reliable car scrapping companies do it on your behalf, you should do it as well. Besides, any cars sold to a third party need to inform DVLA instantly. Otherwise, you will be held responsible for any accidents or occurrences caused by the vehicle. Besides, you don’t want to pay an amount of £1,000 as a fine, do you?

Informing the DVLA ensures you are no longer the owner of the car. So, it saves you from any unwanted penalties that the vehicle may end up with. Notifying DVLA is a must-do process when you are scrapping your car.

How Do I Notify The DVLA?

We already know how important it is to notify DVLA of scrapping your car. Now it’s time to learn how to do that.

To inform DVLA about your car scraping process, you can follow two ways.

  • Online 
  • Offline/By Post

While online media is feasible, many find it convenient to use the Postal service. However, let’s find out how DVLA scrapped car checks can be done.

1. Online

If you are wondering how do I notify DVLA of scrapping my car online, note that it’s as simple as ordering something online.

You will find it handy to use an online portal and notify DVLA about your car. This is one of the easiest methods and you need only a few things to complete the procedure. It includes—

  • Registration number of the vehicle
  • Reference number from your V5C book (11 digits)
  • ATF address you are collaborating with

2. Offline/ By Post

If applying online seems to be troublesome to you, use the alternative. Send your application by post to DVLA’s physical address. However, you have to consider two factors before you notify the authority about your scrap car. And it depends on whether you have the V5C or not.

  • What to do when you have the V5C of your vehicle?

It’s good if you have the logbook. Simply fill in the section that connects you with the selling and ownership transferring process. You may find this in section 4. If it’s not there, try looking into section 9 of your logbook. Once completed, send a copy to the below address and DVLA will look into it.

DVLA | Swansea | SA991AR

  • What to do when you don’t have the V5C of your vehicle?

Do not panic if you have lost it. You can still advance with the procedure without a V5C. Notify DVLA scrap car issues with the below information—

  • Include your name and residence
  • Put your vehicle registration number in the list 
  • The model of your car and the brand name
  • Selling date
  • New owner’s details 

The processes are pretty easy. Anyone can do this with a few steps followed. If you are confused about what to do, please contact any reliable car scrapping company. A professional scrap car company will give you the highest price and take care of everything on your behalf. To know what your car’s worth, request a free quote.

What Happens Next?

will get a confirmation report that marks the acknowledgement. 

Expect to get the acknowledgement in the below format—

  • You will get an email confirming your submission
  • A confirmation letter discharging you from the ownership
  • If you have any months left for the tax paid, a refund cheque will be issued in your name

DVLA has a good reputation for communicating with vehicle owners. So, there will be no issues getting your confirmation slip. Since you know how do I notify DVLA of scrapping my car, you won’t get it hard to understand the process.

Usually, you get the letter within a few weeks. If you do not get it within 4 weeks, make them aware. Any further delay and contact them to make sure your liaison with the vehicle has ended. This is important as DVLA gets numerous requests every month. So, there is a good chance your application, unfortunately, missed their eyes. But do not forget to check your email for the letter if you’ve provided one when applying online. If it’s not there, do not hesitate to give them a call on 0300 790. 

So, now that you know how do I notify DVLA of scrapping my car, let’s learn some basics of selling a car for scrap.

How Can I Be Sure The DVLA Knows I’ve Scrapped My Car?

DVLA is the concerned authority when it comes to anything about cars and vehicles. So, it’s your responsibility to notify them of any changes. Otherwise, you may get a fine without owning the car. Usually, they will notify you when everything goes well. But there might be some issues and it’s very likely your application just missed their meticulous eyes. In that case, give DVLA a call on 0300 790 and make sure they are concerned. Alternatively, you can check their website.

Things To Know Before Scrapping Your Car

Scrapping a car is not something we always prefer. But there are some conditions when we don’t have options left. Either our car is old enough to run on the street or have gotten involved in accidents. In situations like this, the repairing cost supersedes the real worth of the vehicle. Also, the insurance company doesn’t find it suitable for funding and it gets the tag. 

So, when you have decided to scrap your car, make sure you are contacting a professional local car scraping company. You will get a good price depending on your car’s condition. But do not forget to notify DVLA about scrap my car to get rid of the ownership. 

Scraping a car is a good option when it’s not in usable condition. Besides, with the money made from selling your damaged car for scrap, you can buy a brand new car with little to no funding. There are certain factors you may consider before scrapping your car including —

Informing the DVLA

This is the first in the checklist. Either you inform DVLA or the car scrapping company you are collaborating with, it has to be done somehow. Usually, professional salvage car buyers contact the authority on your behalf. If willing, check it out yourself as well. 

Insurance Write-Off Vehicles

Depending on the vehicle’s condition, your insurance company will decide how much they will pay you. At the same time, your vehicle can get the write-off title if severely damaged. However, not necessarily it has to have a serious accident history to get the write-off tag. It entirely depends on the monetary value you have to pay to repair the damage. There are four categories that insurance companies prescribe including

CategoryRepairing statusUsage status
ANot repairableHas to be crushed entirety
BNot repairableParts can be salvaged but body has to be crushed
CRepairable but costs moreDrive-worthy on road with adequate repairs
DRepairableDrive-worthy on road with adequate repairs

So, now you decide what you should do with your damaged car.  

Avoid Cash Payments

Taking cash is illegal in England, Wales, and Scotland for your scrap vehicle. So, don’t accept any cash payments. Ask your scrap car company to pay you via company cheque or bank. 

The Certificate of Destruction (CoD)

Obtaining a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) is crucial to maintain compliance with the DVLA. This is something your car scrapper company will give you within 7 days. 

You need this legal document to prove you are no longer associated with it. Failure in obtaining a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) will cause you trouble if your vehicle is being used illegally without even you knowing it.  

However, it’s very unlikely but still can happen that your vehicle type is not listed. This will cause you trouble in getting a CoD. In this case, the ATF you are collaborating with can manage it. They will notify DVLA immediately. Afterwards, your vehicle’s record will be updated in the list and you can get a CoD easily. 

Notify DVLA about the scrapping of your car. Otherwise, you might end up getting a penalty of £1,000 fine. Don’t say how do I notify DVLA of scrapping my car? We’ve discussed it earlier. So, find them above.

I Want To Keep My Vehicle. What To Do?

It’s up to you. But of course, under some conditions. For instance, if your vehicle belongs to categories A and B, there is no alternative to scrapping it. You can keep it, no problem. But you can never use it as a street-legal vehicle. So, there is always a hefty penalty waiting for you. For categories C and D, you are allowed to keep them. If you are scrapping your car, notify DVLA about this. To learn more about this, please visit DVLA website. Alternatively, you can contact a local car scrapping service provider to avoid the hassle.

I Want To Keep My Registration. What To Do?

Usually, your name as the keeper will be terminated once you scrap it. However, you can keep the same registration number if DVLA agrees. Apply to DVLA to keep it as it is. And do it before you sell it. Otherwise, you will lose the right once it is scrapped or sold. It takes only £80 to appeal. Check your eligibility first. If it’s in your favour, then you can keep it for your next vehicle.

Final Words

We have discussed how do I notify DVLA of scrapping my car along with what to look for when scrapping a car. Besides, we have discussed some issues and answered some questions related to car scrapping. Since scrapping a car begins with notifying DVLA, don’t forget to contact them. Apply online or do it by post, either way, is fine. But certainly, obtaining legal documents is crucial. If you do not want to go through the hassle of notifying DVLA and doing the paperwork, contact a reliable car scrapping company.

Who Buys Scrap Cars In The UK At Good Prices?

Regardless of make and model, cars are destined to get broken someday. And there is nothing wrong with it. Unless you got on a non-runner, your car still holds a good value. But don’t worry. Even your non-runner or MoT failure vehicles have some buyers⁠— possibly as scrap metal. But who buys scrap cars in the UK at a good price? Let’s find out.  

Reason For Scrapping A Car

Your car may be considered for scrapping for many reasons. But the main reason you cannot help but scrap your car is the repairing cost it would take otherwise. It doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is old or relatively new. If the repair cost goes higher than what it’s worth, scrapping is feasible. This way, you get some money while saving on future costly repairs. 

Most of the brand new cars get scrapped if they have been in any high-speed collision. Initially, the repair cost may seem reasonable, but failure costs more than an average car’s worth for some permanent damage like broken wheels and transmission. In scenarios like this, I’d definitely scrap my car for cash. What about you?

How To Find Scrap Car Buyers: Who Buys Scrap Cars Near Me?

If you want to find out who buys cars for scrap metal in the UK, there are certain places to look for. But before you hit them up, let’s see how to locate local scrap car buyers. A reliable scrap vehicle buyer offers the highest price and, of course, saves you from the hassle of disposing of the car all by yourself. Besides, you get complete professional help as you will be given a Certificate Of Destruction (COD) once your vehicle is taken care of in any Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).

Primarily, you can find a reliable salvage car buyer in Five prime spots. They are—

        Classified Websites

The best way you can find a buyer for your junk car is through classified websites. All you have to do is to prepare an ad copy and upload it to the website. And this is what makes it so complex. Without knowing the procedure of running an ad, you cannot sell it to someone who buys cars for scrap metal. Then there are issues of placing your ad at the top to grab buyer’s attention fast. However, classified websites like eBay Motors and Gumtree have thousands of car buyers. But most often, they are more interested in buying functional cars than a non-runner. 

        Local Dealerships 

It may sound weird, but you can find exciting dealerships looking for insurance written-off cars. But they offer unbelievably low prices and are often disappointing. Besides, they have in-house mechanics who rigorously inspect the vehicles, and if they fit the profile, they move to buy. On top, you have to trade in with another car from them, and they preferably do not provide you with cash. So, it is also not a good option to sell your junk car for cash. 

      Scrap Car Buyers

The easiest and best place to sell your scrap car at the highest price in the UK is scrap car companies. Any reliable scrapyard owner who buys scrap cars at reasonable prices should be your ideal destination for selling your salvage car. So, look for a local scrap car buying company who buys cars for scrap metal and has connections with ATFs. A professional scrap car buyer will give you the exact price your car is worth in most cases. Besides, you can get an instant quote simply by describing your vehicle’s condition. As a bonus, they will bear the towing cost. 

      Social Media Groups

Social media is becoming an enormous virtual marketplace for buying or selling anything. For example, Facebook’s marketplace is busy with numerous buyers and sellers exchanging their products and items. Listing items for sale is also easy here, and so, it is worth a try. If you want to sell your junk car online for cash, use social media channels. Besides, you will find tons of social media groups where scrap car buyers pay reasonable prices for damaged cars. 

      Car Enthusiasts 

Possibly, you will get the highest price for your salvage and broken car if you manage to find a car enthusiast. Many TV shows arrange some unique contests, mostly involving car crashes in a controlled environment. Contestants of those events are always looking for old cars. So, if your vehicle is still functioning but not up to the standard, sell it to the “car-heads” who enjoy dismantling it for fun and learning projects. 

How To Sell Old Cars Fast?

Any junk car owner thinking about vacating the parking space in a day or two should contact local car scrapping services. As they offer online quotations, you know how much you will get in the first place. Besides, any professional scrap car buyer will collect the car without any collection charge. So, you save more on selling your junk car for cash. However, to get rid of your broken car fast, do not forget to do the following:

       Contact A Local Buyer

Find out who buys junk cars near me first. There should be local buyers available with Authorised Treatment Facilities. Contact the best and most reliable scrap car buyer to get started with it. 

      Describe Your Car’s Exact Condition

Once made contact, describe the present condition of your vehicle. If it’s been in an accident and badly damaged, do not hide it. The more precisely you will describe your car, the better it is for you, as hiding any damage may cause a dispute at the time of collection

       Get A Quote 

Once you describe your car, it’s time to ask for a quotation. Compare quotes from the leading car scrapping agencies. Review the offer and select the one that suits your profile the best.  

      Set Up A Collection Date

After you agree on a price, set up a collection date and see your pain get melted into smiles. A professional car scrapping company near you will arrive at the exact time and take your car away at no additional cost. You will get paid in full and get a COD after a certain period.  

Final Words

Finding out who buys scrap cars in the UK at the highest price is quite challenging. As you will find tons of enthusiasts asking for the price but not digging deep, selling an old car fast is difficult. So, to stay away from such troubles, it is better to find a local scrap car buyer. Not only does the best junk vehicle buyer pay the highest price, but you also get rid of the hassle without any additional costs.

How Much Is My Car Worth Scrap – Guide

 If you have decided to sell your car for scrap, then you must be wondering how much is my car worth scrap. There is no doubt that we want the highest price we can get for scrapping a car, but there are several factors that affect the scrap value of your car.

The factors that determine the scrap value of your car are:

1. Year, Built, and Model of the Car:

The first factor that determines how much is my car worth scrap is the type of car. The built, model, and year of the scrapping car helps to determine the current scrap value of your car and its parts. There is a high chance that you will not get the exact price as the current market value.

The pricing for junk cars is  different from working cars. If your car has problems that prevent the car from running, then you will get a much lesser price. Junk cars are usually worth up to 20 to 40 per cent of the current market value.

The scrap value of your car will be higher if it is in working condition and the parts are in demand. For example, a common car is worth more than a fancy car as there is a demand for the parts.

2. Current Market Value of Scrap Metals:

The price of scrap metals is something that the majority of car owners do not think about. But this is actually a very important factor to consider when you go to sell your car for scrap. Even the cars that are junk can be made into scrap metal.

An average car has approximately 2,400 pounds of steel and 300 pounds of aluminium. And these metals can be sold and recycled to manufacture new products. However, there is a catch in how much money you will get for all that metal.

The price of scrap metal changes almost every day and widely varies from year to year. This change occurs because the price depends on the supply and demand of these metals in the market. Price will be low if the supply is high, but the demand is low.

3. Condition of the Car:

The condition of the car will determine what the buyer can do with it, and the price will be calculated accordingly. You will get a higher price for selling your car to scrap if the car has only a few problems that prevent it from running smoothly. If the car needs heavy repairs, then the buyer will not pay much money for it.

However, if the car is not in the condition of running on the road again, then the car will be bought for its parts and metal. The price you will get for the parts and metal will depend on the condition of the parts and the metal. 

4. The demand of the Car Parts:

Even if your car is not worth the repair, there are parts of the car that are still valuable. Every part of the car, from batteries to the tires to the radio, can be removed and recycled. You will get a value for the parts of your car depending on the demand for these parts.

The demand for car parts is usually high for common cars that need frequent repairs. You will also get a high price if your car has parts that are not easily available in the market. The scrap value of your car will be less if the car parts are not resold often.

Certain car parts, such as suspension parts, exterior lights, and tires, get a higher value than the others. The scrap value will decrease if your car has missing parts.

5. Location of the Car:

The location of the car might not seem like that big of a deal, but it has a significant effect on the scrap value of your car. The location of your car helps buyers to determine the value you get for selling your car to scrap.

The value of scrap metal widely varies from region to region. The popularity of your car in that area will determine the demand and the market value of the car parts. The distance of the scrapyard from the location of the car also plays a major role in the scrap value of your car.

The scrap value will be less if the buyer has to pay extra for transporting the car. If you do not live near a scrap yard and the car does not run, then try contacting car scrapping services that offer free car towing.

Now that we know the factors that affect how much is my car worth scrap, let us know the easiest way to scrap your car today.

Final Words 

At We Buy Any Salvage Car, we buy any cars that you no longer want or need. Call or contact us to get an instant quote on the scrapping value of your car. Once you accept our offer, a team will contact you and fix a time and date to inspect and verify the condition of the car. Our team will then collect all the necessary documents and the car keys, and you will receive instant payment via check or bank transfer. 

Remember, do not go for any unauthorised or uncertified scrapping service in order to sell your car for scrap. Make sure that the car scrapping service is licensed and authorised to scrap a car before finalising a deal. 

Scrap My Car for Cash: Get an Online Quote Today!

Every year, more than 1.5 million car owners scrap their vehicle in the United Kingdom. There are numerous reasons why people consider scrapping their car

For example, people want to upgrade their vehicle to a new and better model or it could be due to high maintenance cost etc.

If you want to sell your car for scrap, get an online quote from us today. In this article, we will discuss the details about how you can scrap your car online and get the best price for it.

Our dedicated team will help and show you how to scrap my car for cash online quote in an instant.

Many people think that the process of scrapping a car is daunting, but the truth is that selling your car for scrap is an easy and straightforward process. It is a great idea to scrap your car for cash. Scrapping a car has never been easier due to the increase in awareness about the environment.

How does the process of car scrapping work?

Our team buys any salvage car mix to ensure that the car scrapping process is hassle-free and convenient for the customers. There are two simple steps of scrapping a car.

1.    Finding the right buyer:

Some companies charge their customers a fee for removing their old vehicles, and some companies are known to include some hidden fees. 

However, we ensure that our company does not charge any hidden cost or car removal fee, and you will get the exact amount of money mentioned in the quote you accept. Car scrapping is simple without the removal fees and hidden charges.

2.     Car Collection and Payment:

Our car scrapping team will contact you to discuss everything about the deal once you accept the quote. A location, date and time to collect the vehicle will be scheduled that is convenient for both parties.

The terms of payment depend on the company you choose. In the majority of cases, the payment is made instantly via a bank transfer. However, business cheques are also a standard method of paying for a scrapped vehicle. 

Prices for scrapped cars are not paid in cash because, according to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, it is illegal to pay for a scrapped vehicle in cash.

Many people think that scrapping a vehicle may impact the environment negatively. The truth is that scrapping a car has a balanced impact on the environment. Although discarding a vehicle requires energy, it also saves the environment from the harmful emissions from the old and damaged car. 

In order to sell your car for scrap, you will have to present a few documents when the collectors visit you to collect the scrapped vehicle. These documents are:

  • Vehicle Logbook or V5 document.
  • Service history of the car and the certificate of the Ministry of Transport (MOT).
  • Original photo identification of the owner (driving license or passport).
  • Proof of the address dated within the last nine months.
  • Letter of finance settlement, if applicable.

How to get the best price for your scrapped car?

Scrap cars are not considered useless on today’s date. However, you will be able to get a better price to sell your car for scrap if you follow the following tips:

Keep all the parts of your car intact:

The quote offered to you will have a significant reduction in price if the vital parts of the car are removed before you sell your car for scrap. These vital parts are engines, tires, batteries, etc.

Try to get a quote at the beginning of the month:

Scrap car dealers throughout the industry usually increase the price of scrapping a vehicle at the beginning of the month in order to attract customers for the next few weeks. 

Try to receive a quote from your scrap car dealer at the beginning and end of the month to notice if there are any visible differences in the quote.

Know the rights of the car owner regarding the V5C logbook:

Some car scrap dealers make the car owners believe that the price mentioned in the quote will be cut off by £25 if you are unable to provide the vehicle logbook or the V5C logbook. 

This is not true at all. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) does not require a logbook for a scrapped car. But a logbook definitely speeds up the process of scrapping a car.

Contact a licensed scrap car dealer:

Scrap car dealers permitted by the Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) will be able to provide you with the best price for your scrapped vehicle.

Why Choose We Buy Any Salvage Car?

We Buy Any Salvage Car is ready to buy your old and damaged car for scrap regardless of the reason, age and model. Sell your scrap car and receive cash instantly. 

We also provide the car owners with a Certificate of Destruction to make sure that there are no legal obligations.

If you want to scrap your car for cash and get an online quote from us, then fill up our valuation form with a few details and receive an instant quote. Do not worry about the condition of your car, and we buy any car as long as the car belongs to you. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Scrap Your Car

It is always a difficult decision to make when you need to get rid of your beloved old car by scrapping, but in most cases, deciding to scrap your car is the most cost-effective option available to you. Car scrapping is an exceptional option of unburdening yourself from your old, broken car and also making money in the process.  

Let us take a look at the 10 reasons why you should consider scrapping your car.

1. High Repair or Maintenance Cost:

Every car reaches a point where they break down often, possibly once every couple of months and require a high repairing cost. The maintenance and repair costs end up being higher than the actual worth of that car, and you might consider venturing into a new car, then scrapping your old car is the key solution. Not only will you be able to save your wallet, losing a fortune on repairs, but you will also be able to get some cash for scrapping. 

2. The fuel consumption is high:

As cars become old, they gradually lose their fuel efficiency which means that you will have to make trips to the petrol pumps more often than you would like to. If you see that the petrol prices are draining your wallet, then maybe it is time to upgrade to a new and fuel-efficient car and send your old car for scrap. This decision will save both the environment and your wallet. 

3. Make Money:

Often the reason for car scrapping is simple, you are in need of money and car scrapping is an easy way to make some extra money on your old car. Contact a reputed car scrapping company and they will provide you with a good amount of money for your old car, but do not accept cash from scrapping companies as it is illegal. 

4. You opt for Public Transport:

If you live in an area where there are parking problems and high traffic, and you feel that using public transport is more convenient for you then you should consider scrapping your car. Using public transport such as bus, train, or tube services will reduce your travelling hassle, save you the cost of fuel and it is environmentally friendly as well. 

5. Car Has Been Written Off:

If your car had an accident, it may have taken a good amount of battering. If the cost of repairing the damage from the accident is greater than the worth of the car, then car scrapping is a good way of getting some cash to buy a new car. 

6. Car Parts Exchange:

Most parts of modern vehicles can be recycled or reused in other vehicles. The parts of your car that you are considering scrapping may potentially hold a high value and can provide you with an expected amount of money. 

7. Worried about Dubious Scrapping Companies:

Scrapping your car may seem unethical and unsafe, but the process of scrapping a car has been made extra safe by passing various laws over the past years.

If you use a car scrapping company registered under an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) then you do not have to worry about the company being dodgy or dubious.

These companies deal with car scrapping in a legal and responsible way and abide by the terms and conditions strictly.

8. Engine Issues:

If your engine is having issues, such as, it has one or two warning lights flashing and the repairing cost of the engine may be high depending on the age and condition of the car. 

Scrapping is a great way of getting rid of your car with engine issues at a good price, as it will be difficult to find a buyer for that car and even though you find someone willing to buy the car, the price they offer might not be tempting at all. 

9. Trouble-free:

When it comes to the point where you need to unburden yourself from your unwanted car, finding a buyer at a good price for it can be both troubling and time-consuming. 

A car scrapping company will make this task of getting rid of your car easy for you. All you have to do is provide the company with accurate details, documents and the current location of your car and they will provide you with the right price for your car after assessing it properly.

10. The Car is No Longer Safe to Drive:

Sometimes, a car gets to a point where it ends up becoming a liability for the owner of the car and they themselves think that maybe it is time to get rid of it. 

If your car is suffering from some pretty major problems that will put a dent in your wallet if you go to fix it, and if it is unsafe to be driven then you must give up the car for scrapping and keep yourself and other people on the road safe. 

To end

There you have it, we have presented to you 10 strong reasons why you should scrap your old car. 

If you are looking for a reliable car scrapping service to scrap your car, then contact any car salvage services registered under the Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) and pick the price that suits you right!

How to Scrap My Car: Car Scrapping Made Simple

There comes a sad day in every car owner’s life when the cost of car repair is more than the worth of the car. Car scrapping can be a brand new experience for many people and the whole idea of getting a car scrapping service can seem intimidating and puzzling. 

But do not be daunted or confused. In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about car scrapping services.

1. Choosing the right car salvage company:

There might be a lot of car scrapping services near you. While choosing a scrapping company for your car, be careful of dubious companies as most of them will dispose of your car illegally and in ways that are not environmentally friendly. Choose a well-known and reputed scrapping company that has good reviews and ratings online.

A good salvage car company will scrap your car responsibly and properly under the guidelines of an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). This process is the only legal way of scrapping a car and you will be provided with a certificate of destruction by doing so, which will prove that your car has been salvaged properly and legally.

Do not pay any money to the company for the scrap car collection as this cost should be included in the deal. A reputed company will provide free car removal service by using their specialised vehicle.

2. Provide accurate car details to receive a quote:

Receiving a quote is very simple. You will need to fill out a form or call the customer service of the company, provide them accurate details of your car and they will instantly let you know how much the worth of your car is.

It is very essential to provide correct details and location of the car, as the car scrapping company will provide you with the quote using the information you provide and to make sure that there are no disappointments on either side when the car will undergo assessment. 

3. Compare quotes to get the best price:

To receive the best price for your car, contact more than one vehicle scrapping company and compare the quotes they provide. Do not keep your entire focus on the money, check the services and quality of the company properly as well before finalising the deal. 

4. Be available for car collection:

Once you finalise the deal, fix a time with the company to collect the vehicle that suits you. Provide the accurate address and be present with the proper documentation of the car during the collection. Make sure that all the tyres are fully inflated if your car is in a drivable condition. 

5. Required paperwork for car scrapping:

According to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, you will have to provide the Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) with an up to date photo identification such as a valid driving licence or passport, and proof of your address, such as a utility bill that includes your current address. The proof of the residential document must be dated within 3 months. 

This law was passed to decrease crimes related to vehicles and to defend against unethical scrapping companies. 

There are exceptional circumstances where you might have to provide the scrapping company with an original purchase proof of the car. If you do not have possession of the car keys and cannot provide a V5 registration document, then you might have to supply your scrapping company with additional documentation to prove the ownership of your car, such as the original bill of sale.

6. Receive payment for your car:

After your car is assessed by the car scrapping experts at your provided location, they will transfer the money to your account the right way if everything seems genuine. 

As stated in section 12 of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, it is illegal to pay cash for scrap cars. Companies who offer to pay in cash are breaking the law and you should not deal with them. 

7. Receive the Certificate of Destruction:

The car salvage company will contact the Driver and Vehicle Licence Agency (DVLA) when your car will be scrapped, and a certificate of destruction will be issued by them. It is very important to notify the DVLA when your car has been scrapped, otherwise, you could be fined £1000. 

The ATF will send you the certificate of destruction by post, within seven days after your car has been successfully scrapped.

Note: This document can only be issued by the ATF.

8. Claim back unused insurance and road tax:

When you scrap your car, you can claim a refund for any sort of unused insurance and road tax. It is very easy to miss this opportunity if you are not aware of it.

Once you receive the certificate of destruction from the ATF, all you need to do is call your insurance provider and inform them that your car has been scrapped. They will refund you the remaining balance of your insurance if your policy is still active. 

You will have to follow the same steps to claim a refund of unused road tax, let the government know and they will refund the remaining amount. 

Final words

In this article, we have let you know everything about how you can get the best car scrapping service. If you are looking to scrap your old car, then contact us and get a quote for your scrapped car.

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