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How Do I Notify DVLA Of Scrapping My Car?

how do i notify dvla of scrapping my car

Added by Louie Barker

7 September, 2021

For any vehicle that has been written off, you should notify DVLA immediately. But how do I notify DVLA of scrapping my car? In this guide, you will get your answers along with a detailed discussion on the steps. 

But first, let’s get answers to some commonly asked questions.

Why Should I Notify DVLA Of Scrapping My Car?

If you sell your car to any vehicle salvage company, you should notify DVLA about this. Even though reliable car scrapping companies do it on your behalf, you should do it as well. Besides, any cars sold to a third party need to inform DVLA instantly. Otherwise, you will be held responsible for any accidents or occurrences caused by the vehicle. Besides, you don’t want to pay an amount of £1,000 as a fine, do you?

Informing the DVLA ensures you are no longer the owner of the car. So, it saves you from any unwanted penalties that the vehicle may end up with. Notifying DVLA is a must-do process when you are scrapping your car.

How Do I Notify The DVLA?

We already know how important it is to notify DVLA of scrapping your car. Now it’s time to learn how to do that.

To inform DVLA about your car scraping process, you can follow two ways.

  • Online 
  • Offline/By Post

While online media is feasible, many find it convenient to use the Postal service. However, let’s find out how DVLA scrapped car checks can be done.

1. Online

If you are wondering how do I notify DVLA of scrapping my car online, note that it’s as simple as ordering something online.

You will find it handy to use an online portal and notify DVLA about your car. This is one of the easiest methods and you need only a few things to complete the procedure. It includes—

  • Registration number of the vehicle
  • Reference number from your V5C book (11 digits)
  • ATF address you are collaborating with

2. Offline/ By Post

If applying online seems to be troublesome to you, use the alternative. Send your application by post to DVLA’s physical address. However, you have to consider two factors before you notify the authority about your scrap car. And it depends on whether you have the V5C or not.

  • What to do when you have the V5C of your vehicle?

It’s good if you have the logbook. Simply fill in the section that connects you with the selling and ownership transferring process. You may find this in section 4. If it’s not there, try looking into section 9 of your logbook. Once completed, send a copy to the below address and DVLA will look into it.

DVLA | Swansea | SA991AR

  • What to do when you don’t have the V5C of your vehicle?

Do not panic if you have lost it. You can still advance with the procedure without a V5C. Notify DVLA scrap car issues with the below information—

  • Include your name and residence
  • Put your vehicle registration number in the list 
  • The model of your car and the brand name
  • Selling date
  • New owner’s details 

The processes are pretty easy. Anyone can do this with a few steps followed. If you are confused about what to do, please contact any reliable car scrapping company. A professional scrap car company will give you the highest price and take care of everything on your behalf. To know what your car’s worth, request a free quote.

What Happens Next?

will get a confirmation report that marks the acknowledgement. 

Expect to get the acknowledgement in the below format—

  • You will get an email confirming your submission
  • A confirmation letter discharging you from the ownership
  • If you have any months left for the tax paid, a refund cheque will be issued in your name

DVLA has a good reputation for communicating with vehicle owners. So, there will be no issues getting your confirmation slip. Since you know how do I notify DVLA of scrapping my car, you won’t get it hard to understand the process.

Usually, you get the letter within a few weeks. If you do not get it within 4 weeks, make them aware. Any further delay and contact them to make sure your liaison with the vehicle has ended. This is important as DVLA gets numerous requests every month. So, there is a good chance your application, unfortunately, missed their eyes. But do not forget to check your email for the letter if you’ve provided one when applying online. If it’s not there, do not hesitate to give them a call on 0300 790. 

So, now that you know how do I notify DVLA of scrapping my car, let’s learn some basics of selling a car for scrap.

How Can I Be Sure The DVLA Knows I’ve Scrapped My Car?

DVLA is the concerned authority when it comes to anything about cars and vehicles. So, it’s your responsibility to notify them of any changes. Otherwise, you may get a fine without owning the car. Usually, they will notify you when everything goes well. But there might be some issues and it’s very likely your application just missed their meticulous eyes. In that case, give DVLA a call on 0300 790 and make sure they are concerned. Alternatively, you can check their website.

Things To Know Before Scrapping Your Car

Scrapping a car is not something we always prefer. But there are some conditions when we don’t have options left. Either our car is old enough to run on the street or have gotten involved in accidents. In situations like this, the repairing cost supersedes the real worth of the vehicle. Also, the insurance company doesn’t find it suitable for funding and it gets the tag. 

So, when you have decided to scrap your car, make sure you are contacting a professional local car scraping company. You will get a good price depending on your car’s condition. But do not forget to notify DVLA about scrap my car to get rid of the ownership. 

Scraping a car is a good option when it’s not in usable condition. Besides, with the money made from selling your damaged car for scrap, you can buy a brand new car with little to no funding. There are certain factors you may consider before scrapping your car including —

Informing the DVLA

This is the first in the checklist. Either you inform DVLA or the car scrapping company you are collaborating with, it has to be done somehow. Usually, professional salvage car buyers contact the authority on your behalf. If willing, check it out yourself as well. 

Insurance Write-Off Vehicles

Depending on the vehicle’s condition, your insurance company will decide how much they will pay you. At the same time, your vehicle can get the write-off title if severely damaged. However, not necessarily it has to have a serious accident history to get the write-off tag. It entirely depends on the monetary value you have to pay to repair the damage. There are four categories that insurance companies prescribe including

CategoryRepairing statusUsage status
ANot repairableHas to be crushed entirety
BNot repairableParts can be salvaged but body has to be crushed
CRepairable but costs moreDrive-worthy on road with adequate repairs
DRepairableDrive-worthy on road with adequate repairs

So, now you decide what you should do with your damaged car.  

Avoid Cash Payments

Taking cash is illegal in England, Wales, and Scotland for your scrap vehicle. So, don’t accept any cash payments. Ask your scrap car company to pay you via company cheque or bank. 

The Certificate of Destruction (CoD)

Obtaining a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) is crucial to maintain compliance with the DVLA. This is something your car scrapper company will give you within 7 days. 

You need this legal document to prove you are no longer associated with it. Failure in obtaining a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) will cause you trouble if your vehicle is being used illegally without even you knowing it.  

However, it’s very unlikely but still can happen that your vehicle type is not listed. This will cause you trouble in getting a CoD. In this case, the ATF you are collaborating with can manage it. They will notify DVLA immediately. Afterwards, your vehicle’s record will be updated in the list and you can get a CoD easily. 

Notify DVLA about the scrapping of your car. Otherwise, you might end up getting a penalty of £1,000 fine. Don’t say how do I notify DVLA of scrapping my car? We’ve discussed it earlier. So, find them above.

I Want To Keep My Vehicle. What To Do?

It’s up to you. But of course, under some conditions. For instance, if your vehicle belongs to categories A and B, there is no alternative to scrapping it. You can keep it, no problem. But you can never use it as a street-legal vehicle. So, there is always a hefty penalty waiting for you. For categories C and D, you are allowed to keep them. If you are scrapping your car, notify DVLA about this. To learn more about this, please visit DVLA website. Alternatively, you can contact a local car scrapping service provider to avoid the hassle.

I Want To Keep My Registration. What To Do?

Usually, your name as the keeper will be terminated once you scrap it. However, you can keep the same registration number if DVLA agrees. Apply to DVLA to keep it as it is. And do it before you sell it. Otherwise, you will lose the right once it is scrapped or sold. It takes only £80 to appeal. Check your eligibility first. If it’s in your favour, then you can keep it for your next vehicle.

Final Words

We have discussed how do I notify DVLA of scrapping my car along with what to look for when scrapping a car. Besides, we have discussed some issues and answered some questions related to car scrapping. Since scrapping a car begins with notifying DVLA, don’t forget to contact them. Apply online or do it by post, either way, is fine. But certainly, obtaining legal documents is crucial. If you do not want to go through the hassle of notifying DVLA and doing the paperwork, contact a reliable car scrapping company.

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